Had a great time at the 2019 Unity XR Jam!

This last weekend, I participated in the 2019 Unity XR Jam at the RLab, NYU’s XR center in the Brooklyn naval yards.

It was an an amazing experience and I got to meet many great people in the developer community.


While I was there, I got the opportunity to create an awesome project called Surveillance State. It’s essentially Where’s Waldo with CCTV cameras in VR. You can check it out here.

Finally, here’s a video of me piloting a drone with a Magic Leap headset! (Not my project.)

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Real Al's Humanity Academy Launches Today!

I'm excited to announce that Real Al's Humanity Academy, a VR game I produced, wrote, co-designed, and co-programmed, officially launched on Steam today!

Check out the game here:


If you like the game, please be sure to leave a positive review! (The game is made for the HTC Vive VR headset.)

Keanan Pucci and Matthew Ricci co-created this project; we collaborated on the project's design and programming.
Other awesome collaborators on this project include Brodie Cornett (the voice of Real Al), Daniel Pauker, Amanda Berlind, Anjali Krishnan, Alex Danger Raphael, Emily Zhao, Anthony Michael, Hilary Taylor, Julia Hemsworth, and Natalia Bell.

Without this superstar team, this project would have been impossible!

Thank you also to all those who playtested the game and to our professor Robert Yang at the Game Center for nurturing the original version of this project in his class. Thank you also to all of those who gave advice to us as we set up an LLC to launch the project on #Steam (you have been thanked in the project's credits!)


The Wamco PIE is at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth!

Happy to say that the Wamco PIE, a VR experience I wrote, programmed, and directed, was shown at NFFTY, the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, this weekend!

The project was shown in NFFTYX, the festival's interactive and VR section.

Unfortunately, I am in China with a one-entry visa, so I could not attend, but I am grateful the project was shown at the festival!

You can check out a play-through of the experience at my website here.

A still from the experience.

A still from the experience.

The project was also shown at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this month.

Thank you to Anjali Krishnan and Emily Zhao for all their hard work on this project!