My Story


Hi! My name is Brett.

I produce, design, and program video games and XR experiences. I combine my computer science skills, game design training, and producing background to creative games and interactive experiences that tell thought-provoking, original stories and connect people through the power of play.

I am endlessly inspired by new forms of interactive media. In the past few years, I have created major projects for many cutting-edge entertainment platforms, including VR, AR, MR, and interactive video! I love the challenge of learning the unique design and technical affordances of a new platform. If you need someone to develop content for any of these mediums or another pioneering platform, let’s get in touch.

One of my biggest recent accomplishments has been the Steam release of Real Al’s Humanity Academy, a VR game I co-created with Keanan Pucci and Matthew Ricci. To bring Real Al from development to publication, I had to leverage technical skills from my Game Design minor, management skills from my Business minor, and storytelling experience from my Film major. In the process of making this game, I managed a team of ten creatives, established an LLC, coordinated production meetings, and wrote about 40% of the game’s C# code.

I’m currently developing a multiplayer VR experience in Unity for my thesis project. I recently graduated from NYU and I am applying to programming and design positions in the video game, VR, and interactive media industries.