My Story


Hi! My name is Brett.

I produce, design, and program video games and VR/AR projects. I combine my computer science skills, film background, and passion for interactive media to create experiences that tell thought-provoking, original stories and connect people through the power of play.

While interactive media is where I am going, film is where I began. My passion for film started with my discovery of the coffee-table book 501 Movies You Must See Before You Die and grew into me attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Film. At Tisch, my directing and producing work won over $1500 in prizes and branched out into new media.

But after a chance encounter with VR pioneer Nonny de la Peña several years ago, I became been fascinated by the potential of XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) technology. Like cinema one hundred years ago, recent XR projects have only begun to hint at the medium’s potential.

After working at the VR start-up To Be With Hamlet, I realized that even the best projects need a solid business plan for them to be successful in the long run. As such, I began pursuing the Business minor at the Stern School of Business. These courses have helped me better understand the XR marketplace and position my projects within it. My ambition is to use this understanding to produce projects that are both creative and financial successes. I also have a Game Design Science minor.

Outside of my coursework, I have kept my focus on the creative. I have directed and programmed a VR comedy and I am currently working on Real Al’s Humanity Academy, a comedic VR action game. In my current role as an interactive media researcher at NYU Shanghai, I work with Mixed Reality headsets and lead motion capture sessions.

In my previous internship at Jaunt Studios, I developed an innovative, musical Augmented Reality experience that largely solved the issue of 3D objects spawning within real-life objects. Prior to Jaunt, I worked at the XR studio Here Be Dragons, where I prototyped high-concept XR experiences (e.g., IBM Watson + AR).

In the next two years, I would like to work on immersive media productions, especially those that involve emerging technology like AR, VR, or MR. After that, I would like to become an immersive media producer and creative. In five to ten years, I would like to start a company which democratizes the medium of XR.

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