XR Jam 2019 Project:

Surveillance State


Surveillance State was a project Jonathan Octosen and I collaborated on during the official 2019 Unity XR Jam.

The premise of the game is simple: you must find a perpetrator walking among the crowd in a small city and hit him with a dodgeball.

To find the perpetrator, you must look at an array of CCTV feeds coming from cameras strategically placed around the city. By clicking on one of these feeds, you can teleport to the area that camera serves. If you see the perpetrator in that area, hit him with your trusty dodgeball to win!


Designer and Programmer.


  • Designed and implemented the camera and dodgeball mechanic.

  • Coded the AI that powers “Waldo” and the rest of the crowd.

  • Helped design the city block in which the characters walk.

  • Placed the cameras within the city.


Jonathan Octosen co-created this project; we collaborated on the project's design and programming.