The wamco P.i.e. vr Experience

In this satirical VR corporate infomercial, the fictional Wamco Corporation will use Virtual Reality to teach you the incredible value of its amazing product line. By exploring Wamco’s hottest products in Virtual Reality, you’ll understand why it’s wrong to buy products from Wamco’s competitors and consequently never make that mistake again. Ever.

This project's main influences are Portal, The Stanley Parable, and to a lesser extent, Tim and Eric's Awesome Show.

Watch for subliminal messages!

Official Selections:

Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival - Immersive Group

National Film Festival for Talented Youth X (Immersive)

Ivy Film Festival

My Roles: 

Writer, Designer, and Programmer (Unreal Engine: Visual Scripting).


Ernest the Announcer - Andrew Chan

The Dirty Soap Bar - Brandon Lamar

Graphic Design:

Anjali Krishnan & Emily Zhao