Real Al’s Humanity Academy (#RAHA)

Real Al’s Humanity Academy combines wacky minigame action, an Adult Swim style of humor, and the world’s most human robot to give you a VR party game unlike any other. In Real Al, you became a student of the titular Artificial Intelligence character as he teaches you everything you need to know about the human condition through a series of ten second minigames: you’ll rob houses, bounce eggs, meet puppets, and exorcise demons - just like a normal human! You can attempt to graduate from the Academy by entering the “Human Training Mode” or face off against your friends for a place on the “Human Leaderboard” in the unlockable “Endless Mode.” There’s never been a better time to learn how to be human. Enroll today!

My Roles on This Project: Co-creator, Producer, and Writer/Director of the Story Mode.

Co-Creators: Matthew Ricci and Keanan Pucci.

Steam Release Date: Spring 2019.