Games and INteractive Media

Here, you'll find my game and XR projects as well as a few new media projects I played a major role designing, programming, or producing. Click on the thumbnail of each project to learn more.

Real Al’s Humanity Academy (VR Game)

Real Al’s Humanity Academy combines wacky minigame action, an Adult Swim style of humor, and the world’s most human robot to give you a VR party game unlike any other.

The Wamco PRoduct Immersion Experience

VR meets Tim and Eric's Awesome Show and the Stanley Parable.

Magic Leap & Calligraphy Research Project

An application for the Magic Leap mixed reality headset that uses motion capture data to teach Chinese calligraphy.

To Be With Hamlet

Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

To Be With Hamlet is a live theatre performance in Virtual Reality that allows anybody anywhere to have an intimate experience with Hamlet, Shakespeare's dramatic masterpiece.

NoiseVision AR

A surreal Augmented Reality music experience which combines electronic music with a fantastical digital world.

XR Jam 2019 Project: SURVEILLANCE state

Where’s Waldo? with a city’s worth of CCTV cameras. (VR Game)

A Special Movie

In this interactive film, you control who narrates a simple love story with absurd results.